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Join the SIMA Kart Racing Club and race at one of the best karting facilities in North America. Whether you are karting for the competition or a family weekend getaway, our club welcomes both. We hope to see you at the next event!


Note: See tire rules at bottom of page


Rookie JR

Age 7-10 
**Cadet Karts Only**
L0206 w/yellow slide - 210 lbs
Gazelle - 200 lbs 
100 Leopard w/17mm intake, 2.5mm base gasket & 25mm Exhaust, Gearing 11 - 81- 235lbs
Rotax Micro Max - 220 lbs Rotax International rules except max gear 14-80,
X125 w/17mm intake & 22mm Exhaust, Gearing 11-78 - 245lbs
Level of experience will determine whether driver can move up to Jr. I.   SIMA reserves the right to move kids in to Jr.1.  Will run in conjunction with Jr. I and scored separately.  
- Rear wheels must not extend past side pods

TAG Jr. 1
Age 8-11 

** Cadet Kart Only **

Briggs LO206 w/yellow slide & Cadet Chassis - 210 lbs
Gazelle - 200 lbs
100 Leopard w/17mm,  intake, 2.5mm base gasket & 25mm Exhaust. Spc Gear 11/81 - 235 lbs
Rotax Micro Max - 220 lbs Rotax International rules except max gearing 14-80
Rotax Mini Max (Rotax Inter rules w/20.2 exhaust and 19mm intake) - 245lbs
X125 w/17mm intake & 22mm Exhaust. Spec gear 11/78 - 245lbs

- Rear wheels must not extend past side pods

TAG Jr. 2 
Age 10-12

100 Leopard w/19mm intake and w/30mm Exhaust - 275 lbs
125 Leopard w/19mm intake and w/25mm Exhaust - 275 lbs
X125 w/25mm restrictor and 19mm Intake - 275lbs
Rotax Mini Max (Rotax International rules but w/full size chassis) - 265 lbs

TAG Jr. 3
Age 13-16

125 Leopard w/30mm Exhaust - 330 lbs
100 Leopard open header - 310 lbs
Rotax (310lbs) under Rotax international Rules
X30 w/31mm Exhaust - 330 lbs
X125 w/30mm restrictor - 330 lbs

TAG Newbie/TAG Pro.
Age 16 up





Age 35+

Grand Masters 
Age 55+

125 Leopard - 355lbs
Rotax/Rotax EVO (Rotax Rules for engine specs) - 355lbs
X30 - 365 lbs
Dragon - 390lbs
X125T light - 365lbs
X125T heavy - 390lbs

****TAG Newbie, no more than 2 years of karting experience or entry has not competed in two full seasons or not a regular racer.  Race by race review for eligibility to be moved in to TAG PRO.  SIMA reserves the right to decide placement**** 

125cc Leopard (375lbs)
Rotax/ Rotax Evo (385lbs(Rotax Rules for engine specs)  TBD
X30 (385lbs) 31m header
Dragon (
X125T 23mm carb (385lbs30mm restrictor plate
X125T 27mm carb (400lbs30mm restrictor plate

Expert Shifter/ Sportsman Shifter
Age 16 up

Stock – Moto, Honda, TM Tag ICC (385lbs)
X125S (395lbs)
Modified - Honda, KZ/ICC, TM Cross (410lbs

****125cc engines only****
4 Stroke Sr light, Heavy and Junior

Engine rules as per 
LO206 (370lbs)  
World Formula (

LO206 (390lbs)
World Formula (460lbs

Jr. 1 - Ages 7-11 
Briggs LO-206 (240lbs).  If combined with Jr.1 (210lbs) Cadet chassis and yellow slide.

Jr. 2 - Ages 12-15
Briggs LO206 (310lbs).  Full size chassis.

SIMA reserves the right to assign drivers to classes based on engine configuration and weight*****



  • Shifter Classes and TAG Sr Classes
    Le Cont White
  • Masters & Grand Masters
    Le Cont White and MG Yellow
  • 4 Stroke classes
    Bridgestone YKC or YLC, MG Yellow, Red, Le Cont White, and Le Cont Red.
  • Jr 1 & 2
    MG Red & Le Cont Red.  Jr.1 can only use 4.50 sizes front and rear. Jr.2 and up can use 7.10 for all Jr classes.
  • Jr 3 Class
    Le Cont Red
  • Approved Rain Tires
    Le Cont purple/White and Bridgestone YLP or older.  

 **SIMA reserves the right to adjust weights in order to provide a level playing field. **


Please email for any questions.