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Fees and Rates  ***Please note approved bikes/classes at bottom of page***

For open track days visit the calendar by clicking here (updated frequently).

For insurance purposes, any person entering the hot pit areas are required to purchase a pit pass for $10.00 each. Persons in designated spectator areas are not required to purchase a pit pass. 

Personal single bike storage is also available.

SUPERMOTO Pre-Track entry list  (Must be filled out and handed in before going on the track each time)

  Regular Price*  

Unlimited Practice Membership


Unlimited Family Membership


**See below for eligible family members***

Drop in Passes


1 Year Storage Insurance ($500 Deductible)


Personal Single Bike Storage Click here for more info



Monthly Bike Storage $90

Annual Bike Storage (50% off with purchase of unlimited membership).

$900 or $450

*Prices in USD and do not include applicable tax. **Insurance fee not included in membership.

10 x 10 Garage Storage: 2 year minimum pre-paid based on availability. $1800.00 per year. Membership not included.

  • All memberships expire one year from the date of track opening purchase unless noted otherwise
  • SIMA is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes or equipment. 
  • Memberships are non-transferrable
  • *****"Family Membership”*****includes family members residing at same address. Membership is single with privileges extended to immediate family defined as non-racing spouse, and sons/daughters under 19 years of age.
  • Sharing of garage spaces by members is not permissible unless it is family members who reside at the same address.
  • SIMA reserves the right to revoke membership if terms of agreements are broken.

Practice General Requirements. For detailed rules and regs, click here

  • All MINORS must have MINOR RELEASE on file and signed by Parent/Legal Guardian before they can be allowed to practice or race. NO EXCEPTIONS. (Form available with Track Marshall)
  • All SIMA guests are required to adhere to the general track rules.
  • SUPERMOTO Pre-track entry list form must be completed and turned in before entering the track which can be found at the top of this page.
  • Your dirt bike will need one of the following wheel / tire upgrades:
    A) Stock dirt rims with Sportsman tires-DOT approved 
    B) 17” supermoto rims with race slicks, grooved slicks or any non-knobby tires\
  • Catch Cans are required for radiator, carb & crankcase/airbox vents to prevent fluids from draining onto the track surface. Antifreeze should also be replaced with a non-slippery fluid (water wetter etc). Catch Cans may be factory-designed plastic reservoirs or as simple as a pop can with attached plastic tubing.
  • All lights, gauges and turn signals must be removed or taped over
  • Noise is restricted to a limit of 82 dB's. Stock pipes and most aftermarket pipes will be OK.
  • It’s not required, but many supermoto racers prefer to run rotors and calipers larger than those found on a stock dirt bike.
  • In a crash, your levers are usually the first part of the bike to hit the ground. Replacing bent levers can get expensive very quickly. Most racers will tell you a good set of metal lever/hand guards can be a smart investment. Bar-end or lever guard plastic sliders are also recommended. 
  • All bikes are required to pass technical inspection before they can enter the track for practice.
  • SIMA allows racers to wear either race leathers or motocross gear.Whichever style you choose, your safety gear must meet the following requirements:
  • Helmets: SEE BELOW.
  • Boots must rise above the ankle and must not fasten using laces. Supermoto specific boots are not required (replaceable soles). Most styles of motocross or road race boots are acceptable.
  • Heavy-duty leather racing gloves are best to protect your hands in a crash. Motocross gloves are permitted, but road race gloves and armored knuckles are an added level of safety.
  • Make sure your leather racing suit has knee, elbow and spine armor built in.

                                                                   ***Approved classes***

    • Pee Wee Kids Kids (7-10). Bike choice is open, no 80cc or greater water cooled 2 strokes please. This is a fun class for kids to be able to "Race like mom or dad". Kids need full mx gear and chest protector at a minimum.

    • Pit Bike Open (11+). Less than 160 cc 4-strokes, smaller than 14” wheels. Open modifications.

    • Minimoto (11+). Maximum displacement of 74cc (2-stroke) or air cooled 198cc

    • Supermoto Jr (11+). 4-stroke, unlimited modifications. No CRF150R.

    • BBR Bikes (14+). Less than 250cc, unlimited modifications. 85s, CRF150Rs or other minimotos are ok.

    • 250/400F (14+). Up to 144cc liquid-cooled 2-strokes, up to 400cc liquid-cooled 4-strokes. Unlimited modifications. May not run Unlimited class.

    • Open Amateur (14+).Unlimited displacement single or twin cylinder machines with unlimited modifications. May not run Unlimited class.

    • Vet (+35). Unlimited displacement single or twin cylinder machines with unlimited modifications.

    • 450 Intermediate and Expert (14+). Single cylinder machines with maximum displacement of
    380cc (2-stroke) or single or twin cylinder 450cc (4-stroke) machines, unlimited modifications.

    • Unlimited Intermediate and Expert (14+). Unlimited displacement with unlimited modifications.

                                                                   ***Helmet requirements***

    • Full coverage (full face) designed for competitive motorsport use are mandatory and must comply with one of the following:

     Snell Foundation Specifications                 Legal Until
            • 2005 SA and M                                      12/20/2015            
            • 2005 K                                                    12/20/2015
            • CMS 2007 (youth helmet)                   12/20/2015
            • CMR 2007 (youth helmet)                   12/20/2015
            • M 2010                                                    12/20/2020 (GO KARTS ONLY)
            • SA 2010                                                  12/20/2020