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Le Cont

LeCont first made it's debut in the motorcycle sector, in 1993. LeCont has now positioned itself as one of the top five companies in the karting world. LeCont has indirectly won a number of national and international titles in the car racing world. Thank you LeCont for being our sponsor!

Prize: 2 sets of LeCont Tires Per Event, Plus 1 Set per Event for Early Bird Registration Draw

Value: $6000


Designs of all Kinds

The name says it all – Designs of All Kinds. They serve thousands of clients in the Vancouver, Washington and the Portland, Oregon area. Their customer service is second to none! The company designs & creates banners, signs, vehicle wraps, Custom Clothing utilizing Screen Printing, Embroidery, even Digital Technology; Promotional products of all kinds. We work with Schools, Businesses, Organizations, & the Public who are all very happy with our prices and products. 

Prize: $100 Gift Voucher per Event

Value: $900


Island Flyboard

Island Flyboard is one of the coolest water sports ever in Vancouver Island. Island Flyboard has instructors that train you, so you can learn how to fly in just under 5 minutes! They offer group packages as well, so you can fly with your friends and family! 

Price: 1 One hour fly board lesson Voucher per Event

Value: $2250 


VP Racing Fuels

VP Fuels was founded by Steve Burns in 1970. He was a young racer in San Antonio Texas, who felt that the fuel options at the time were not providing optimum horsepower. Steve began experimenting with various blends of fuel in the garage of his home and bringing them to the track for his fellow racers to try. Forty years later, VP Fuels is now recognized as the worlds leader in race fuel technology. The company provides fuel to a spectrum of motorsports. VP Fuel is the official fuel of the SIMA Series. VP Racing Fuel is recognized by as the world leader in race fuel technology, with their catalog of more than 70 fuel blends and a growing roster of VP- fueled champions all across the world! 

Prize: 1 Can of VP Fuel MS98 per Event

Value: $882



RLV is a hands on, owner, and employee invloved company that drives to increase participation, make friendly products, decrease noise level, and have the highest quality products for 2 and 4 cycle karting. Their products include; high quality exhaust products, silencers, chains, and many other karting products. Thank you RLV! 

Price:  3 Extreme #219 Ultra Performance Chains per event

Value: $1100 


The Inn at Lynden

The Inn at Lynden provides their best service to the people with their offer of distinct room types. The area is surrounded with the great shopping, dining, and browsing of the town. The ground and lower level floors of the building are home to a diverse mix of shops and merchants, all offering goods and services! 

Prize: 1 Night Stay 



Bengio started off with a son getting seriously injured due to inadequate rib protection. His father then started on a mission to make a new product to fit the need of other racers. Ever since then Bengio has strived to improve their line of products for racers!

Prize: One Bengio Rib Protector

Value: $250


Courtney Concepts

Courntey Concepts supplies a wide range of products! Their products include oil, chains, and engine parts! They have many dealers throughout The United States and Canada!

Prize: A variety of supplies

Value: $500


Le Crocodile Restaurant

Impeccable service with flair, never pretense or fanfare, Le Crocodile blends traditional French cooking with innovative West coast style. Michel Jacob has cooked for and seen generation after generation of families pass through the doors of Le Crocodile. Twenty-five years later, with some of the original staff still here, Le Crocodile still remains in Vancouver as one of the city’s most acclaimed and visited restaurants. 


Value: $500


Founded in 1990, by Claudio and Michael Valiante, Italkart has earned a reputation for creativity, enthusiasm, and a staunch commitment to manufacturing nothing less than the finest and fastest kart chassis on the market, utilizing only the finest materials and components.
Designed here on North American soil and manufactured in Italy, the Italkart products are engineered by the stopwatch and designed by the race track. With two decades of design experience that has produced a wide array of groundbreaking innovations; Italkart advances towards the future with an unwavering allegiance to their core principle: we shall always lead, and never follow. For more information visit


 If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor of this series, please contact or 360-988-5104