The SIMA Enduro is a 1 hour event. The key to winning this race is consistency and reliability, not ultimate speed. Grab a teammate if you're in Masters and enter one of the most exciting races of the year! TAG Senior drivers test your stamina for 1 full hour with no driver change.



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VP Fuels was founded by Steve Burns in 1970. He was a young racer in San Antonio Texas, who felt that the fuel options at the time were not providing optimum horsepower. Steve began experimenting with various blends of fuel in the garage of his home and bringing them to the track for his fellow racers to try. Forty years later, VP Fuels is now recognized as the worlds leader in race fuel technology. The company provides fuel to a spectrum of motorsports. VP Fuel is the official fuel of the Sumas International Motorsports Academy Summer Series. 

New Balance is the only athletic shoe manufacturer still making shoes in the US. The shoe company is proud of that commitment. They are proud of the workers in our five New England factories. And they are proud to say that 25% of our shoes sold in The United States are made or assembled right here. New Balance offers a range of footwear, apparel and accessories for running, training, outdoor, baseball yoga, basketball and tennis. 

 IAME is the world's leading company in Karting engine production, both for professional and hobby drivers. The history, the numbers and 27 world titles confirm it. Nowadays the Company produces 5 to 6 thousand engines per year, with a potential productive capability of 9 thousand units. 55 employees, more than 30 engine variations and almost 50 years of history. In 1958 the first go-kart was built in the USA. Bruno Grana in those years was working for Moto Parilla and when he saw the go-kart, he suddenly fell in love, immediately understanding its potential. In 1959 Grana convinced Parilla to join this new market and enter the history of Karting. Since its birth, the imprint that Bruno Grana, the historical founder, wanted to give to IAME's DNA, was the production of high quality, long lifetime, affordable and manageable engines. This Mission is today carried on with the same passion and dedication of the past, constantly keeping direct control on the projects, the productive processes and the sales.
 IAME is dynamic and flexible: primary characteristics for a Company wishing to give a careful service and a constant up-to-date product.

Seattle Mariners are a professional baseball team in the MLB.  Free tickets given away at each event!!

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