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May 14 2017

SIMA Paves!

SIMA Paves!











At 71 years old, Claudio Valiante still works like he is the ripe age of 17. His work ethic and passion for karting has no doubt been the main ingredient in making his BIG dreams reality. And his dreams seem to grow with his age, we can hardley keep up! It’s important to point out that his vision for SIMA should not be confused with building the best facility in North America with building a facility that offers the best experience for its guests. With that in mind, Claudio has envisioned the parking lot of the track paved for the last couple of years and we are thrilled to announce that this week half of the parking lot will be paved. A paved parking lot reduces dust and is an enhanced surface to pit on and travel to and from the grid. On May 15th, SIMA will release five 10x10 and five 10x20 pit spots to rent on an annual basis. Persons renting these spots will have their pit spot reserved during SIMA business hours and race days. The 10 pit spots will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, SIMA racers will also have the opportunity to pit on the paved section of the pits during race weekends for a small fee of $25 per 10x10 pit spot. For more information or to purchase one of the reserved pit spots, please contact Claudia at 360.988.5104 or