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Join the SIMA Kart Racing Club and race at one of the best karting facilities in North America. Whether you are karting for the competition or a family weekend getaway, our club welcomes both. We hope to see you at the next event!

2017 SIMA Summer Series

May 6                   Standard Configuration
June 10                Backwards Configuration
July 15                 Speedway  Configuration
August 19 (Combined with Region 6 Gold-Cup)    Backwards Configuration
September 9        Standard Configuration
October 14           Backwards

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Sumas International Racing Academy (SIMA) cultivates a fun, laid back and competitive environment for all levels of racing. SIMA's goal is to re-establish the camaraderie in the sport of karting by strengthening relationships with family and friends who participate in the race day activities, encouraging clean and respectful driving and offering all those to attend the facility with friendly and first class service.

Gates open at 8:00 am. Spectators pay $5 for insurance bands after 10am

SIMA will be open for an official practice day on the Friday.  Practice will be free for those of you who decide to pre-register on-line.   Trailers & RV's are permitted to remain on the grounds overnight on Friday. Sign up for the practice day when pre-registering for the event.

Note: See tire rules at bottom of page

Rookie JR
Age 7-10 
**Cadet Karts Only**
L0206 w/yellow slide - 210 lbs
Gazelle - 200 lbs 
100 Leopard w/17mm intake, 2.5mm base gasket & 25mm Exhaust, Gearing 11 - 81- 235lbs
Rotax Micro Max - 220 lbs Rotax International rules except max gear 14-80,
X125 w/17mm intake & 22mm Exhaust, Gearing 11-78 - 240lbs
Level of experience will determine whether driver can move up to Jr. I.   SIMA reserves the right to move kids in to Jr.1.  Will run in conjunction with Jr. I and scored separately.  
*****Class inclusion for future events or Summer series will be based on participation*****  

TAG Jr. 1
Age 8-11 

** Cadet Kart Only **

Briggs LO206 w/yellow slide & Cadet Chassis - 210 lbs
Gazelle - 200 lbs
100 Leopard w/17mm,  intake, 2.5mm base gasket & 25mm Exhaust. Spc Gear 11/81 - 235 lbs
Rotax Micro Max - 220 lbs Rotax International rules except max gearing 14-80
X125 w/17mm intake & 22mm Exhaust. Spec gear 11/78 - 240lbs

TAG Jr. 2 
Age 10-12

100 Leopard w/19mm intake and w/30mm Exhaust - 275 lbs
125 Leopard w/19mm intake and w/25mm Exhaust - 275 lbs
X125 w/22mm restrictor and 19mm Intake - 275lbs
Rotax Mini Max (Rotax International Rules) - 265 lbs

TAG Jr. 3
Age 13-16

125 Leopard w/30mm Exhaust - 320 lbs
100 Leopard open header - 300 lbs
Rotax (320lbs) under Rotax international Rules w/ exception exh restrictor 30mm
X30 w/31mm Exhaust - 320 lbs
X125 w/30mm restrictor - 320 lbs

TAG Newbie/TAG Pro.
Age 16 up





Age 35+

Grand Masters 
Age 55+

125 Leopard - 355lbs
Rotax (Rotax Rules for engine specs) - 360lbs
Rotax Evo - 375 lbs
X30 - 365 lbs
Dragon - 390lbs
X125T light - 370lbs
X125T heavy - 390lbs

****TAG Newbie, no more than 2 years of karting experience or entry has not competed in two full seasons or not a regular racer.  Race by race review for eligibility to be moved in to TAG PRO.  SIMA reserves the right to decide placement**** 

125cc Leopard (375lbs)
Rotax (390lbs)
Rotax Evo (410lbs)
X30 (390lbs)
Dragon (
X125T 23mm carb (385lbs)
X125T 27mm carb (400lbs)

Expert Shifter/ Sportsman Shifter
Age 16 up

Stock – Moto, Honda, TM Tag ICC (385lbs)
X125S (395lbs)
Modified - Honda ICC, TM Cross (410lbs
4 Stroke Sr light, Heavy and Junior

Engine rules as per 
Stock Clone 345lbs
Stock Honda 345lbs

Modified Clone 365 lbs
Modified Honda 365lbs

LO206 (355lbs)  
World Formula (

Stock) Clone (365lbs)
(Stock)  Honda (365lbs)
Modified Clone (380 lbs)

Modified Honda (385lbs)
LO206 (390lbs)
World Formula (435lbs

Jr. 1 - Ages 7-11 
Briggs LO-206 (240lbs).  If combined with Jr.1 (210lbs) Cadet chassis and yellow slide.

Jr. 2 - Ages 12-15
Briggs LO206 (310lbs).  Full size chassis.

SIMA reserves the right to assign drivers to classes based on engine configuration and weight*****



  • Shifter Classes and TAG Sr Classes
    Le Cont White
  • Masters & Grand Masters
    Bridgestone YKC or YLC, MG Yellow, Red & White, Le Cont White
  • 4 Stroke classes
    Bridgestone YKC or YLC, MG Yellow, Red & White, Le Cont White, and Le Cont Red.
  • Jr 1 & 2
    Bridgestone YLC or YKC,  Mojo D3, MG Red & Le Cont Red.  Jr.1 can only use 4.50 sizes front and rear. Jr.2 and up can use 7.10 for all Jr classes.
  • Jr 3 Classes
    Le Cont Red
  • Approved Rain Tires
    MG, Bridgestone, Le Cont purple/White and Mojo

 **SIMA reserves the right to adjust weights in order to provide a level playing field. **


Please email for any questions.