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SIMA International Motorsport Academy
529 West Front Street
Sumas, WA

Travelling from Canada? Here are directions and a few tips to find us!
1. Get off at hwy#1 at McCallum Rd.
2. Go South to King Rd.
3. Turn left onto King Rd.
4. Follow King all the way to Riverside Rd.
5.  Turn right onto Riverside Rd. (Riverside Rd turns into 4th Ave)
6. This will take you to Sumas Way.
7. Turn right onto Sumas way and take this to US/Canadian border crossing.                            

1. Cross at Huntington/Sumas Border. It usually has the shortest line ups. Ensure you use the left lane as it eventually turns into three lanes.
2. The best time to cross is between 7-9 am.
3. If you are storing your kart at SIMA, you can always park your car on the Canadian side, walk over and we'll pick you up. Just give us a call 360-988-5104.

Nearby Airports                                  
Seattle, WA - 113 miles                              
Vancouver, Canada - 50 miles
Bellingham, WA - 25 miles
Abbotsford, Canada - 7 miles 

Current Weather Conditions
Click here for current weather in Sumas.

529 W Front St.